Apostolic Faith Secondary School (AFSS) 1, Campground Road, Anthony Village, Lagos is a government-approved co-educational school with boarding facilities. Apostolic Faith Secondary School is borne out of the commendable educational initiative of the Overseer for the Apostolic Faith Works in Africa, Reverend Paul Oge Akazue. The high sense of urgency attached to the Church’s initiative and the motivation by the Africa Overseer is primarily, a social one, that is, to provide a unique and sacred opportunity to shape the lives of children into competent, responsible and God-fearing citizens for the good of themselves, their families and the nation at large.

Apostolic Faith Secondary School was inaugurated on September 16, 2002 with 79 students in J.S. I and II Classes, 16 teaching staff and 15 non-teaching staff. AFSS is open to all religious and ethnic groups as is already manifested in the composition of the members of staff and students.

The approval process of the school with the Ministry of Education, Lagos State commenced in earnest and from the series of inspections, the school built Introductory Technology, Home Economics, Integrated Science, Business Studies and Fine-Art Laboratories.

By the third year, the School got her final approval from the Lagos State Ministry of Education.

As a full boarding school, the School has hostels for both boys and girls. We have resident boarding house staff.  The Sick Bay provides health care for the students.

Our target is to groom our students to have the mind to excel in whatever they set their hands to do. We will inculcate in them the habit of reading and experimenting. We hope to teach them to appreciate values like honesty, integrity and uprightness, so that irrespective of impending punishment, they will tell the truth.

Above all, we will lay the foundation by exemplary living and by putting God first because putting God first is the secret of success.

Objectives and Values

The School embraces and upholds old-time virtues, values and proper upbringing of children. We give all-round developmental education that promotes efficiency and dedication to the students. The objectives of the school therefore are:

  • To make students willing to learn and be studious.
  • To teach students to be God-fearing and law-abiding citizens.
  • To instill in students the will to excel without dishonesty.
  • To help students acquire the required vocational and academic skill that will provide them job opportunities in future.
  • To help students discover their potential and nurture latent abilities to become productive and fulfilled citizens in future.

Also, we place premium on beginning each day with God. Each day starts with morning devotion in the hostel followed by the school assembly. Although we do not discriminate in the admission of students, we make every effort to train them in the way of God. They are privileged to learn classical music and be of value to God, themselves, their families and the world at large.

Aims of the School

Many parents often have high expectations that schools should provide high level of general care, academic work and grooming of students for higher education. The aims of the School therefore are as follows:

  • To provide neighbourhood school for the children of this community.
  • To provide high standard educational service.
  • To promote religious and moral tenets


The School’s motto, LET THE LIGHT SHINE, clearly reflects her philosophy. Both the academic light and moral light will shine to the glory of God and to the edification of mankind. The School anthem is also a reflection of the School’s philosophy.


The School’s Vision is “To be a world-class secondary school helping to build Africa through Christ”.

Mission Statement

The School’s Mission statement is “To provide world-class education in academics and moral values which uniquely shape the lives of children into completely responsible and God-fearing citizens through the knowledge of Christ”

Governing Bodies

Board of Directors

  •  Rev. Titus Itanola (Chairman)
  • Rev. James Fasanya (Vice-Chairman)
  • Mr Femi Fakuade (Member)
  • Mrs Sola Opaleye (Member)
  • Engr. Tunde Fadiora (Member)
  • Treasury Representative (Member)
  • The Principal (Member)
  • Investment Representative (Member)
  • PTA Representative (Member)

The School Management

  • Principal: Olaoye E. A. (Mr)
  • Head, Senior School (Academic): Idoko, O. (Mrs)
  • Registrar (Administartion): Ubani, N. (Mrs)
  • Head, Junior School: Kukoyi, R. (Mr)
  • Financial Controller (School Bursar): Osibajo, S. (Mr)
  • The School Secretary: Osimen, B. (Mrs)
  • The HODs

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

  • Mr Sonowo, S. – Chairman
  • Dr Okoye, C. – Vice Chairman
  • Mr Olaoye, A. – Principal
  • Mr Ajao, A – Finacial Secretary
  • Mr Osimeh, A. – Treasurer
  • Mrs Ekpenyong – Ex Official
  • Mrs Ajetunmobi – Trustee I
  • Mrs Nonso-Onyia – Trustee II
  • Mrs Eburagbemi, B – General Secretary
  • Mr Kponkanou, R. – Asst. Gen. Secretary